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Top 5 WordPress Forums Plugins

Are you looking to add a forum to your WordPress site?If yes then you’re on right place.Here i’ll show you Top 5 WordPress Forums Plugins.You can download these plugins for free.Now you not need to install any script to have a forum.Forums help people to post their threads.However you can also use forum to post any type of tricks.You need to have WordPress installed on your site in order to install forum.All of these plugins will help you create a forum for your WordPress site.So let’s start just choose and download a forum plugin from below:

Top 5 WordPress Forums Plugins

Top 5 WordPress Forums Plugins:

1. bbPress:

bbPress WordPress Forum Plugin

bbPress is most popular plugin for creating a forum in WordPress.bbPress is a free plugin.bbPress is easy to install and easy to mange software for WordPress.bbPress is fully open source plugin with high security and speed.It allows users to post their threads in forum with ease.If you want to work on bbPress then visit their site.Download bbPress from below link:

Download bbPress

2. Buddy Press:

Buddy Press WordPress Forum Plugin

Buddy Press allows you to create a social network for your WordPress site for free.Buddy Press is an official plugin of WordPress.It can be installed in any WordPress theme.It allows you to create groups, user profile, social connections, activity streams, etc.So if you wish to install this plugin download it from below link:

Download Buddy Press

3. CM Answers:

CM Answers WordPress Forum Plugin

CM Answers allows you to create Questions & Answers community for your wordpress site.Allows your users to post their threads in Stackoverflow style.It’s users can login with their social media account.Download it from below link:

Download CM Answers

4. WP Symposium:

WP Symposium WordPress Forum Plugin

This plugin is alternative to BuddyPress.WP Symposium allows you to add social network to your WordPress site.WP Symposium premium support is available if you upgrade to premium membership.It includes galley, alerts and events.WP Symposium includes multiple style templates.

Download WP Symposium

5. DW Question Answers:

DW Question Answers WordPress Forum Plugin

You can create a question and answers site with DW Question Answers.DW Question Answers includes captcha to prevent spam.It’s users can vote on answers.

Download DW Question Answers

Final Words:

All of above plugins are Wordpress Forums Plugins.There are many other WordPress Forums Plugins available.But these Wordpress Forums Plugins are popular and easy to use.



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