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How to Use Dropbox as a CDN for WordPress

Decrease your site load time and increase security of your wordpress files with CDN.There are lots of CDN services available but most of them paid.You can also try Dropbox as a free CDN for wordpress.So today i’m going to show you How to Use Dropbox as a CDN for WordPress using Super Cache plugin.Using CDN(Content Delivery Network) will decrease your site loading time.

You’ll be happy to know that using Dropbox as a CDN will decrease your site load time up to 4 times.For example, if your website takes 6-7 seconds to load, after using Dropbox, your site will take 1.5-2.5 seconds to load.Some of Dropbox CDN advantages are below:

  • Dropbox CDN is free of cost.
  • Dropbox CDN will lower down your site bandwidth.

How to Use Dropbox as a CDN for WordPress

Use Dropbox as a CDN for WordPress:

First of all you need to download your two wordpress folders(i.e wp-content and wp-includes).After downloading, upload to Dropbox and link them to your site.The linking way is difficult, so you can try WP Super Cache to linking your files.WP Super Cache plugin made by Automattic(By WordPress).So download this plugin by clicking here.

Use Dropbox as a CDN:

Just follow the below steps to Use Dropbox as a CDN:

Step 1:

Download wp-content & wp-includes and all their files.

Step 2:

Now go to dropbox.com, create a new folder named cdn and upload files to this folder.

Note: the folder cdn must be public folder.

Step 3:

Go to yourdomain.com/cpanel and create a new subdomain i.e  cdn.yourdomain.com.

Step 4:

Go to yourdomain.com/cpanel -> file manager -> go to CDN directory -> create new file named .htaccess and put below code in your .htaccess file and click on save.Replace ID with your dropbox id.

Redirect 301 / http://dl.dropbox.com/u/ID/cdn/

Step 5:

Now open your web site and move to WP Super Cache plugin page, click on CDN tab and configure settings.Replace Pak4G.com with your domain.

How to Use Dropbox as a CDN for WordPress

Why i use subdomain?

You can also Use Dropbox as a CDN without creating a subdomain and creating subdomain is also optional.So if you’d like to use CDN without subdomain, you need to follow below steps:

  1. Just skip creating subdomain and adding code in 3rd and 4th step.

  2. Go to your wordpress site and move to WP Super Cache plugin page, click on CDN tab, paste your dropbox folder url in Off-Site URL.

Final Words:

Every thing is done but if you ever modify your wordpress files then you must also need to modify wordpress files that hosted in dropbox.If you upload image on wordpress then you must need to upload it to dropbox.



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