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Top 4 PPC (Pay Per Click) Networks

PPC (Pay Per Click) NetworksPPC (Pay Per Click) Networks are the best way to earn money online. Peoples are using them to monetize their sites, no doubt it is the all in one solution for every one, for those who want to make money online. Those networks pays to the publishers on each valid click. In order to earn from those ad networks you need to build a website, Your blog/website must have a enough traffic before applying for them.

Some networks such as Adsense, Media.net needs a original contents with good traffic. You can easily get Adsense and Media.net account if your site have a traffic between 400 to 600 daily. Other Advertising network Infolinks, Chitika and Bidvertisers don’t demand any huge traffic any one who have don’t have any a traffic can also join these networks but you should also remember that you can’t make a single penny without any traffic. Traffic is the key of success place ads code and select best monetize methods to earn extra income from WP blog or website.

Here we are sharing 5 best PPC publishers networks, by using those networks you can earn from home and can double your income through your blog.

Top 4 PPC (Pay Per Click) Networks

Google AdSense

No one can deny that Google AdSense is the highest paying network, its paying rate is too high and it is the best PPC network in the world. To maintain the advertiser’s interest Google adsense policy is too much hard. In order to get adsense account, Your blog must comply with the adsense program policy.

  • Adsense approval is so hard
  • Best CPC rate in world
  • Minimum cashout $100
  • Get payment through Western Union, Wired Transfer, Pay by Check


These days Media.net powered by Yahoo & Bing is the best alternate of Google AdSense. If you have unique contents with good traffic. You can easily get your publishers account. They will pay you so more than adsense if you are getting the traffic from UK, USA and Canada.

  • Like Adsense Media.net approval is not so hard
  • Good CPM, CPC rate, they display targeted ads
  • Minimum cashout is $100
  • Get payment through PayPal or Wire Transfer


Infolinks is a another good option to monetize your website. They have a main aim to provides in-text ads. Infolinks account approval is so easy, you must have text content in order to get the account. Infolinks is a adsense friendly network. If you are getting 10 visitors per day, you can still get Infolinks Publishers Account.

  • Infolinks approval is so easy rather than Media.net or Adsense
  • Infolinks is compatible with AdSense
  • Minimum cashout is $50
  • Get payment through PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfe, Western Union or Infolinks Prepaid MasterCard.


Chitika is most trusted and oldest advertising network, which was founded in 2003. They have al type of ad solutions such as targeted ads and mobile ads. You can earn more from Chitika if you are getting traffic from UK, USA and Canada they will pay you $0.500 to $1 for each click for specific countries.

  • You don’t need to get any approval from Chitika
  • Chitika is compatible with AdSense
  • Minimum cashout is $10
  • Get payment through PayPal or via Check



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