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Top Ten Most Dangerous Lords in Kingdom 6 : Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is the best and real time strategy game where powerful lords battle with their enemies to build an empire. You will surely fall in love with this game if you like multiplayer or PVP games. You must fight and need to build empire in order to survive in the kingdom. Weak and small lords killed everyday by the big giants there is no place for those who play games once a week.

Lets comes to the topic as you know we are talking about the most dangerous and Influential lords of Kingdom 6 in Clash of Kings. So we generate a list after a long research. Top Ten strict but honorable Giants are listed below..

Top Ten dangerous and Influential lords of Kingdom 6

1: Sky-Flame:

Sky-Flameis good General belongs to UNO (United Nations). He got 1st rank almost in all types of formats specially in killing events. He is a serial killer which destroy enemies in seconds. Currently ranking No 2 in Killings. He don’t like to talk with anyone that’s why we don’t have enough data about him.

2: StrongArm :


Kingdom’s 6 most Influential, dangerous and the No 1 Lord is StrongArm From the Alliance of UNO . StrongArm is also a current leader of United Nations. He respect everyone and never hurt without any reason. He consider UNI, THA, OEM and AVZ as Family. He is a big enemy of 1FC and never lost a chance to hit them.

3: LoneWolf (ZL The Mudrer)

LoneWolf (ZL The Mudrer) is a most powerful guy in the whole Kingdom. His power is growing day by day above the 50 million power he have. No one can stand against him. He is only lord in kingdom who have Castle 30 prestige level 5 castle.

4: Lord V-MAX


V-MAX a brave lord, Former King and true warrior from our kingdom 6. V-MAX and ZL are only lords who make their castle prestige level 3 in rapidly. V-MAX is the only lord who conquer kingdom 5  palace in kingdom conquest event.

5: Ghost:

Ghost is a Master of Politics, Former Leader and Founder of AVZ. He is a most oldest player of Clash of Kings (COK). The whole Kingdom knows when he said he will kill someone then no one can stop him. Few months ago he announce that soon he will left COK and he left too and transfer the AVZ’s  Leaderhip to Felix suddenly AVZ becomes unstable due to the internal Matters.

Felix degrade the rank of King Mehru from R4 to R3 due to the some reason. After the incident all the big players including Black Eagle left AVZ. Almost Two Weeks ago suddenly he appears again and this time he won’t join AVZ. Now he is a leader of UNI Alliance which is growing rapidly.

6: T-Rex The Optimus


T-Rex The Optimus formerly known as (King Optimus) is standing on No 7 position in our list. He is a C0-Founder of AVZ. He loves to kill 1FC Alliance. Almost 5 Month ago he trying to deceive the kingdom by saying that he is going to exchange his castle with the lord of other kingdom the main purpose of his plan is that he don’t want to hurt ZL the big guy because Ghost, ZL and King Optimus are the best friends since they start playing COK.

7: Kaa Kaa


Kaa Kaa is a former leader and a king of Kingdom 6. He belongs to UNO (United Nations). He recorded this name many times in hall of fame. He consider AVZ, UNO, THA, UNI as family.

8: Wolverine


Lord Wolverine belongs with THA Alliance. He is increasing his power day by day and now he standing in No 6 position in Lord power ranking in whole kingdom. THA have strong relationship with UNO, AVZ and UNI. Due to the lack of knowledge we don’t have enough data about him.

9: DarkXKnight


DarkXKnight is a leader of  EFC (Elite Force Canada) and a former King. About 3 months ago everyone consider EFC as weakest alliance but since the LoneWolf (ZL The Mudrer) joins EFC, It becomes Kingdom’s Most powerful and the No 1 Alliance.

10: Reyna

Reyna is nice looking lady belongs with alliance of UNO (United Nations). The Whole Kingdom wants to chat with her. She is also crowned too…



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