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Change/Prevent Duplicate Post Titles in WordPress

As you know that post title plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO). If duplicate post title are still alive in your website then it can affect your site very badly and Google can punish you any time. By default WordPress only can manage duplicate URLs by adding a number (2, 3, 4) on the end of post URL but problem is that WordPress cannot change them auto and you need to change duplicate post title manually. So today we will trying to show you how to prevent duplicate post title in WordPress

Two Ways To Detect and Delete Duplicate Posts Titles in WordPress

When we create a new post on WordPress. WP automatically create a post title as URL slug. The negative point of the same post title is that Google and other search engines become puzzle, when they trying to show a search results on users query.

Detect Duplicate Posts Titles Via Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a complete tool kit for webmasters. You can track every activity of your website. You can also check your duplicate post title and descriptions in webmaster tools by going to the Search Appearance > HTML Improvements. Where you can find and manage exiting post titles and their URLs. For more Information see below image.

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Detecting Posts on Webmaster Tools
Detecting Posts on Webmaster Tools

Prevent Duplicate Post Titles via WordPress Plugin

Benefit of this plugin is that it will try to find a exiting post titles and when it find any result it will warn you by displaying a message. This plugin also prevent author from publishing a new post with an exiting title. Another feature of this plugin is that it also remind the user to change URL slug while renaming a post title.

In order to detect and prevent same posts titles you need to install a wp plugin called Duplicate Title Validate in WordPress site.After downloading and activating the plugin you don’t need to set up anything. This plugin is like a plug and play tool. Just go to Posts > Add New and create a new post with a same title which you already have in your previous posts. After entering the title plugin will notify you through following words “Duplicate title detected, please change the title.” For more information see below image.

Duplicate Title Validate plugin in action

After displaying the message if you don’t change the post title it will prevent you to publish your post with the exiting title and it will save a post as a draft with the error message called “Duplicate title error“. We hope this article helps you prevent duplicate posts titles in WordPress site. If you have any issue regarding this topic feel free to ask. We will happy to assist you.



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