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How to Stop Apps from Running in Background

If you got some performance and battery drain issues and feeling like that your Android smartphone is lagging and it’s battery doesn’t last long, then you should read this article.Many apps run in background for syncing, providing location data, etc.But when some apps cross their limit and start using too much ram and battery, your phone lags.So now i’m gonna fix that issue:

How to Stop Apps from Running in Background


How to Stop Apps from Running in Background:

Process stats:

Process stats displays you a bit more information of each app than battery usage section.But before visiting process stats section, you need to enable developer options first.If you’re new and don’t know about developer option then follow the below steps:

  • Go to device settings, scroll down and tap on about device.
  • There scroll down and look for Build number.
  • Now tap on Build number several times until you see a message “You’re now a developer”.

After enabling developer options, its time to see process stats.Go back to settings and there you’ll see a new option called “Developer option”.Tap on it and select process stats.There you’ll see a much more information about apps that how they use RAM.

NOTE : Don’t play around the settings of developer options unless you know what you doing.These options are made for only advanced users.

Which apps needs to stop from running:

We can’t kill all apps, doing so will also kill the apps that should be running in the background like our launcher and other important apps.We can’t kill Facebook and Whatsapp as we need these apps for important notifications.So you have decide like that which app need to kill and which not need to kill.But don’t kill the below apps these apps are essential:

  • Google Play Store
  • Google Play Services
  • You default launcher

What apps need to stop running in background

Stop background apps:

If you found an app using a lot of RAM or just want to stop running it in the background, there are many ways that you can use.You can either force stop, uninstall or disable it.Go to device settings -> Application manager and select app you want.Now you can either force stop, uninstall or disable it.

Uninstall, force stop or disable background apps


Increase Android speed with greenify

Greenify is a third party app which stop apps from running in the background until they open by you or others apps.Unlike the freeze feature in others apps that totally disable an app, you can still use your app and share content with that app.Greenify automatically force stop an app when you stop using it.

App Info:

App Name: Greenify

App Size: Varies with device

Total Installs: 5M – 10M

Require Android: Varies with device




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