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How to Reset WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin

In our previous tutorial we showed you 3 different ways to reset WordPress password but today we’ll trying to show you how to reset WordPress password using phpMyAdmin. It is an important and crucial step and you should know about that. Usually whenever we forget our password we reset him by clicking on the “forget password” link which is located in the WordPress login area. What you do if you unable to login through your login credential and you don’t have an access on your email address which is attach with your WordPress site. In this situation PhpMyadmin is effective way to reset your WordPress password.

Reseting WordPress Admin Password Through PhpMyadmin

First of all login to your cPanel, which is provided by the hosting company.  Now navigate to the Database Tab > phpMyAdmin and click on it.


After logging to phpMyAdmin choose your database from the left-side databases list, Select the correct database which is used for your WordPress site. You can see a below images for more information.


If you are not sure then you look the exact database name in wp-config.php file which is located in the root directory of WordPress site.


In phpMyAdmin click on the database which you confirm in wp-config.php file. After clicking on the database you will see a list of tables. Now in all the tables find the table named called “wp_users” and click or Browse to see the all users of your WordPress site. In the list of all users select a correct one to reset your password.


Now in the column list you will find multiple users. You can identify your id by seeing the email or username field. Select yours and hit the edit button to proceed to the next step.


find the “user_pass” column and there should be a 32 character MD5 encoded password there. This is supposed to be not reversible, but there are ways to crack it. If you really want to do so, I will explain in the next section so skip to that if you prefer to attempt to crack the MD5 hash rather than change it which is what I am explaining now.


In the password field you will see that there are too many random letters are showing. Due to the security reasons WordPress stored your password as MD5 hash because in plain text your site can be hacked easily.

That’s why you cannot store the password as plain text. Now in the function menu select MD5 and enter your new password and click the go button. After clicking the go button phpMyAdmin will automatically convert your new password in the MD5 hashes.

You can also use the online tools which can change your password into MD5 hash. We hope you like this article, If any problem appear, please do not hesitate to ask us.



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