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Best Sevices to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress

Hosting is most essential part of any website. You should consider a best company while purchasing a hosting plan. Always buy hosting from well known company like Hostgator, Bluehost and JustHost etc. The following companies are best and committed to supply best services to their customers including 99.99% server uptime guarantee.

If you buy a hosting from low standard company then you can lose your customers and revenue because those companies are unable to provide 100% server uptime. That’s why you should subscribe for a service that will monitor server uptime/downtime and alert you whenever your site goes down. Here we are sharing with you top website monitoring services that will alert you whenever your site goes down. Sign up one of the few to monitor your site 24/7.

Top Companies to Monitor Server/Website Uptime



Pingdom is sweden Based company, which provide the monitor server uptime, downtime, and site performance services around the world. It monitors websites from multiple locations globally. Pingdom has more than 300,000 customers including Microsoft, Apple, DELL, Instagram, jQuery, Disnep, eBay, Twitter and Google.

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The large number of majority is using a Montastic free website monitoring tool to monitor server uptime. It checks user’s website from different locations in the. Montastic check your site in every 30 minutes, and sends you email whenever your site goes. You can also scan your site in every 5 seconds but you need to buy the premium services. Premium monitoring services has more option than the free version.

Uptime Robot

monitor server uptime

Uptime Robot scan your site in every 5 minutes. They offer their services free of cost. You can add more than 50 websites. You can also receive your website’s uptime reports through via email, RSS, SMS, Twitter or push notifications for iPhone or iPad.



Monitor.Us scan your site 24 hour. You can add unlimited sites in their monitoring tool. It Identify quickly if any problem affecting your site and email you immediately. Monitor.Us is a handy tool to monitor server uptime reports.

Tag Beep


tagBeep monitor server uptime in every minute and you can add up to 50 sites in your account. The service scan your site in every minute and sends you the email notification if aby bullshit happen with your site.

Site 24×7


Site24x7 server monitoring service notify you instantly when your site’s server performance goes down. They notify you instantly through email notifications. You can monitor two websites and they will scan your site in every 60 minutes.



SiteUptime has both free and paid plans for their customers. On free plan you can monitor only 1 website with every 30/60 minutes. They also offer uptime reports, public stats page and a control panel for their users.



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