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Make Money Online With AdHitz Advertisement Program

Now a days blogger/webmasters are searching the ways to make money online from their site’s content. Webmasters use different type of services to monetize their site such as adsense, media.net, madadsmedia and other networks to monetize their website. No doubt Adsense is the one of the best high paying network in the world and thier policy is so hard and they approve limited accounts.

If adsense banned you or you are unable to approve the account then adhitz is a good option for you to earn some money online. Adhitz is providing all type of advertisers, which are searching for websites to place their advertisements on it. However if you unable to sell ad spots on your website then you can earn money by generating and putting the ads on your website/blog.

Adhitz policy is not so hard like adsense and media.net. just signup for account place ads and simply make money online. No doubt adhitz is legit website but their paying rate (CPC) is to low and they only pay 4 cents (0.05) for each click from asian countries specially from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, which is bit low. However if you are getting most of traffic from USA, UK and Canada then you can earn up to 0.150 per click from specific countries.

Here is AdHitz CPC Advertising Rates on Countries Base.

adhitz cpc rate

What Type of Sites are Allowed in AdHitz Advertisement Program?

  • All type of domains including commercial domain (.com, .net) to monetize your website.
  • English and other languages are allowed to display adhitz ads.
  • No minimum requirements even 2 or 3 visits per day sites are eligble to display ads.
  • Copyright and Dublicate Contents can display advertisements on your site.
  • For more information read complete programs policies here.

Adhitz Payments Methods

They are currently supports 2 type of payments methods PayPal and Payza. You can cash out minimum 25$ from Adhitz Advertisement Program.



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