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How to Install WordPress on your Computer

WordPress is best software for creating a CMS website, but if you like to try new plugins, themes and other things on your WordPress blog, it’s a good idea to install WordPress on your computer.Themes designer and plugins developers also install WordPress on their computer to try their themes and plugins.Running WordPress on a computer is known as setting up local server on localhost.In this article i’ll show you how to Install WordPress on your Computer using Xampp.

How to Install WordPress on your Computer:

How to Install WordPress on your Computer

What is Xampp:

Xampp is compendium of Apache Web Server and PHP & MYSQL.Xampp is a software that allows you to setup server environment on your computer.There are many clients available to setup server environment on your computer but i’m using Xampp to setup server environment and install WordPress on local computer.Xampp is a free software available on internet and very easy to use.

How to Install Xampp:

First of all go to Xampp official website to download Xampp on your computer.Now move from homepage to download page, download Xampp by clicking download button.Download 32-bit version of Xampp because it’ll also work on 64-bit.You must need to install Xampp in order to Install WordPress on your Computer.

After downloading the Xampp, open it and start installing it.Once the installation of Xampp complete launch Xampp.After installing the software you’ll see something like below:

launch xampp

Click on Apache and MySQL button to start these services.

Create Database for WordPress:

Go to localhost/phpmyadmin OR and you’ll see something like below:

Create Database for WordPress on localhost

Now click on Databases tab and create database named wordpress, click on create button to create.

Create Database for WordPress on localhost

After that look at your left sidebar, you’ll see a wordpress link there:

Creating Database for WordPress on localhost

Installing WordPress on Windows with Xampp:

Go to WordPress.ORG and download a WordPress copy.Now Extract zip file and copy wordpress folder, go to C:xampphtdocs  and paste folder of wordpress there.You can rename wordpress folder to anything.Now open Google Chrome OR the browser you have and go to:


Select your language and click on continue button.After that you’ll see something like below:

How to Install WordPress on your Computer

Click on Let’s go! button.On next page enter your database connection details.Enter the database name which we have created in the beginning.I named the database wordpress.The default username is root and the password is nothing(Just leave it empty).Enter localhost in Database Host field.

Setting Up Database for WordPress on localhost

If your database connection details will correct, you’ll see something like below:

Wordpress on localhost

Just enter your web information details on next page form:

installation of wordpress

After entering your web information, click on Install WordPress button and you’ll redirect to login page, login to your account and start blogging.

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