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How To Install or Add Facebook Comments in WordPress

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world now a days everybody is using Facebook. It has a number two rank in the world. Facebook offer lots of plugins to their users such as the like button, share button, follow button, send button etc. By using those plugin you can turn your site into the social power house. Recently Facebook launch their official plugin for WordPress. Official Facebook plugin adds social plugins to your WordPress site. Link your site with a free Facebook application to use advanced features such as automatically sharing of new articles to an author’s Facebook Timeline or your site’s Facebook Page. This plugin has a lots of feature but today we’ll trying to show you how to integrate/ add facebook comments box in WordPress.

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Installing Facebook Official Plugin On WordPress


First of all download and install official plugin of Facebook in your site. After the activation plugin menu will appear under the setting tab. On Facebook > General page you’ll see that it needs a Facebook App ID and App secret password to add Facebook comments in WordPress.

Creating Facebook App to Add Facebook Comments

You can create new app on Facebook Developers page. Just go to developers page hit Create New App button a popup window will appear enter your app name choose app category and hit Create App button.

add Facebook comments

After creating the app facebook will redirect you on your app dashboard where you can see your App ID and Password. These IDs are so important to add Facebook comments box in WordPress. Facebook plugin will not work if you don’t create App ID and password. For more information see below images.


Now go back to your WordPress Dashboard Facebook > General tab enter your App ID, App Secret key and hit save changes button to store your settings.


Setting Up Facebook Comment Box in WordPress

After installing the App id and password Facebook for WordPress plugin will activate the lots of options in your site. You don’t need to install other plugins such as Facebook like button, send button, follow button, Recommendations Bar. This plugin is all in one utility. We are skipping all other features of this plugin because our target is to show comment box in WordPress. To enable comment box simply go to Facebook > Comment Box and check all the boxes to integrate/ add Facebook comments box in WordPress post and pages. Select number of comments you want to show on your site. Select box width and color scheme and hit the save changes button.

Add Facebook Comments in Your Site



Now preview front end of your website and you’ll see that Facebook comment box is start appearing on your site. We hope this article helped you to install/ add facebook comment box in WordPress site if you have any suggestion regarding this topic share with us by leaving a comment below.



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