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How to play NES games on Android – Best App

Almost every gamer started from NES gaming.I also played NES games.There were many games that we played such as Super Mario, Battle City, Bomberman, etc.But if you still wishes to play NES games on Android then you need to download NES Emulator app which is available for free on Play Store.It contains 64 games.

How to play NES games on Android:

How to play NES games on Android

NES Emulator – 64In1:

NES Emulator - 64In1

App Info:

App Name: NES Emulator – 64In1

App Size: 2.7M

Total Installs: 500,000 – 1,000,00

Require Android: 1.5 and up


NES Emulator – 64In1 is an android app that allows you to play NES games on your phone.It has 64 built-in games.You can also download and play NES games with this app.Use Bluetooth and Wifi connections to play NES games with your friends.It’s best feature is that you can save your game progress to play in future.

NES Emulator - 64In1NES Emulator – 64In1Download

This app has these built-in games:

  1. Nuts And Milk
  2. Super Kong 3
  3. Super Tank 1
  4. Mappy
  5. King Kong 2
  6. Pac-man
  7. Nuts And Milk
  8. Kung-fu
  9. Golf
  10. Ice Climber
  11. Bomber Man
  12. Circus Troupe
  13. Mahjong 4
  14. Circus Troupe
  15. Sky Destryoer
  16. Lord Runner2
  17. Goonies
  18. Start Soldier
  19. 1942
  20. Golf
  21. Grading
  22. Fast Bros. II
  23. Galaxian
  24. Nuts And Milk
  25. 1942
  26. 1989 Exerion
  27. Galaga
  28. Balloon Fight
  29. 1942
  30. Formation Z
  31. Base Ball
  32. Pooyan
  33. Nuts And Milk
  34. Mappy
  35. Chess
  36. Super Pac-man
  37. City Connect
  38. Start Force
  39. F-1 Race
  40. Goonies
  41. Islander
  42. Road Fighter
  43. Pooyan
  44. King Kong 1
  45. Super Arabian
  46. Super Arabian
  47. Super Galaxian
  48. Karateka
  49. Pooyan
  50. Mahjong 2
  51. Spartan
  52. 1989 Exerion
  53. Start Soldier
  54. Base Ball
  55. Super Grading
  56. Start Soldier
  57. Ice Climber
  58. Lunar Ball
  59. Kung-fu
  60. Spartan
  61. Kung-fu
  62. Start Force
  63. King Kong 1
  64. Fast Bros. II




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