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How to increase your Internet speed

Double or increase your internet speed claims are based on lies.The purpose of these claims is to get more visitors to website or views to YouTube videos.Often these tools cause virus or add uninstallable toolbars to your web browser.Most of internet users caught in these false claims.Internet speed that your ISP specified for you, can’t be exceeded.For example, if you buy 1 Megabits speed then you can’t double or increase it, even if you use a speed booster tool or anything else.

How to increase your Internet speed

Increase your Internet speed by following guidelines:

However, your internet speed can’t be increased but there are some guidelines to follow, by following these you can use your internet more effectively.Windows updates service is a reason of slow down browsing or downloading speed, because it always trying to get new updates from Microsoft when available.

If you have installed a application that works with internet such as Yahoo! messenger and skype, remember that these types of softwares are also cause of slow down of internet browsing.These softwares continuously use internet.Here i told you some reasons, but there are dozens of reasons that can affect internet seed.Next time if you see any software claims to double internet speed, just ignore it.Because it is definitely not possible.

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