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How to Bulk Install Apks With ADB

If you’re a type of person who usually wipe everything to try out new roms then you must came up with the problem of installing apps over and over again.I personally use 25-30 apps and it becomes very annoying to install these apps when i have to factory reset my phone.So here i came up with the trick of installing bulk apks at once.You just need to get apks files first.You can easily get apks of apps with Titanium backup or any other backup app.The whole installing process it automatic.

How to bulk install Apks with ADB:

How to bulk install Apks with ADB

1.Installing Android SDK & JAVA SE development kit:

Before doing bulk install apks with ADB, Android SDK & JAVA SE development kit must be installed on you PC.

  1. Get the Android SDK Here: goo.gl/qFhYjx
    Scroll down to bottom and download the copy for your OS.
  2. Get the JAVA SE Here: goo.gl/pxnWu3
    Accept licence agreement and download the copy for your OS.

Download and insall both programs.Now connect phone to PC using USB cable and enable USB debugging.

2.Installing bulk apks with ADB:

Put all of your apk files in one directory.For example put them in C:\apps for ease.After putting all apps together follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Open up start menu and type “cmd” without quotes and hit enter.Then the command prompt will open.Now you need to change the directory to C:\apps in cmd by typing the following commands:

cd ..
cd ..
cd apps

Now the path should appear as C:\apps.

Step 2:

Now we’ll use the following command to print the entire directory files.This command will print all directory files name and extension:

dir /s /b > apps.bat

Go to C:\apps and there you’ll found apps.bat file.

Step 3:

Simply right click on apps.bat file and click edit.Now notepad will open and then press CTRL + H.In find input type the following:


In replace input type the following:

adb install -r c:\

Click on replace all button and it will add adb install command in each line.Save and close notepad.

Step 4:

Now go to the folder where you installed Android SDK and open platform-tools.Cut the bat file that we created and paste it to platform-tools folder.Then simply run the bat file and it’ll start installing apps in sequence.


This bulk install Apks process is little bit long, but not as long as installing each app one by one.It’s a one time process so after that whenever you do factory reset or flash a custom rom then you just have to connect phone, enable USB debugging and run bat file.



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