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How to Block Spam Comments in WordPress using BotBlocker

In our previous articles we talked briefly about spam comments. We share with you different ways to block spam comments. We talked about Akismet, reCaptcha even we try to stop spam comments by removing URL field from comments. Above methods are best for antispam Protection. Some famous blogs force the users to register on their site in order to leave a comments on their site. Some blogs use Captcha, qiuz, math questions on comments to reduce spamming, above methods hurts the real readers of your site. 50% or above comments are generated by the automated bots, which are design for this purpose.

Blocking Spam Comments using BotBlocker

First of all download and install the Honey pot plugin from WordPress.org. After activation the plugin simply go to Settings > BotBlocker to configure the plugin. Default setting are enough to block spam comments however you can customize if you need. After setting up the plugin hit save changes button to store configuration.

block spam comments using honeypot botblocker11

Now whenever spam bots trying to submit a comments Botblocker will replace the name fields with URL or email field. Bot fill the name field instead the email field and submit a comment and WordPress will not process the request until email not written in a proper format. Remember this plugin cannot give you a protection against manually submitted comments because they are posted by a humans.

We hope you’ll enjoy this article, If you have a better method or plugin than this one, Share with us by leaving a comment below.



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