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How to Backup WordPress Database Manually

There are many plugins are available that can make a wordpress backup for you. With WP plugins you can schedule your database backups to daily, weekly and yearly basis without any user input. In our recent tutorial we talked about 10 Best Database Backup Plugins for WordPress that can create a complete backup of your site and send you by email. You can also send your backups to amazon, dropbox and other cloud storage sites remotely but It is also better for us to know how we can make a Backup manually if we ever need. Now i am trying to show you how to create WordPress Database Backup through cPanel manually without help of any plugin.

Make a Database Backup via MySQL

Follow the simple steps to perform a backup.

First of all login to your cPanel account and click on phpMyAdmin icon and select your WordPress Database.



When you select your following Database, simply click on “Export” button.


check on Quick – display only the minimal option and select the SQL format and finally click on Go button

In few seconds Your browser will start downloading the database backup file on your PC. Download the file and save him to your hard drive.

Make a Database Backup

First of fall login to your cPanel hosting account and then click  on “Backups” icon.


As you can see there are four type of options are available. you can download your whole website by clicking on “Home Directory” link, download emails backup, filters but we only need a database backup so we select on “MySQL tab” to download a Database backup.


We hope this article helps you to know more about wordpress. But we recommended you to use WordPress plugins for this purpose. because WP Plugins can do this job easily and can save your lot of time.



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