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How: Stop Visitors to Use Adblock in WordPress

What is Adblock? Adblock is a simple add-on for web browsers which allow users to disable ads in all websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Etc. This is a very effective addon recently it hits 10 million downloads on chrome browser But Negative point of this addon is that it can hurt you by reducing your earning. Adblock becomes the headache for publishers because it start downing their source of income, which they earn through Affiliates, Advertisments etc. So in this article we’ll trying to show you how t0 force users to disable their addon/extention in WordPress.

Stop Visitors to Use Adblock in WordPress

There are many plugins are available in WordPress directory which you can use to force your visitors to disable their AdBlocker browser extention/addon in order to access your site. You can also do this job by manual work but it is so complicated for beginners. So in this article we will trying to show you how to Stop Visitors to Use Adblock while they visiting your site. First of all you need to install the Better Stop Adblock plugin from wordpress.org. After the activation new menu of this plugin will appear under the setting tab.

Now go to Setting page of Better Stop Adblock plugin. Where you will find various options about the plugin. In first field, enter a text you want to display on your site. You can make your text more attractive by using the visual editor.


Now in second field choose a message type you want to display on your site text or image. On the 3rd row give a image link you want to display leave blank means default image will apply. Fourth row allow you to attach audio file and in fifth and sixth option you can enter a redirect URL and the title. In seventh row enable a plugin by giving the specific time 8th row will show a message after completing the specific time. 9th and 10th row allow you to setup the window and background color of your better stop adblock window.



The other setting of plugin leave as default. Change the setting if you know what are you doing. After setting up the plugin save your setting. Now install and enable adblock plus extention and open your site. After the few seconds your will see anti-adblock window request you to disable your addon in order to view the site.


adblock example

We hope this detailed article help you to Stop Visitors to Use Adblock in your WordPress Site. If you know the better way than this one share with us by leaving a comment below.




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