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Disable Comments on Specific Older Posts in WordPress

Spam comments are big problem these days. We often share several tutorials about reducing the spam comments. We share different methods such as Akismet, BotBlocker, Captcha and other ways to reduce spam comments in WordPress but today we will trying to reduce the spam comments by disabling the comments on older posts of our wp blog. This job can be done easily by visiting the Discussion tab, which is located in Settings tab in your WordPress admin area. From the  Discussion tab you can switch off comments on older posts/pages after certain number of days. This built-in function is so good but problem is that sometimes we want to  keep discussion on specific posts in our WordPress blog. So In this article, we will trying to show you how to Disable Comments on Specific Older Posts in WordPress.

How to Disable Comments on Older Posts in WordPress

If you have too many old posts in your blog and getting a hundreds of spam comments per day then you can probably stop them by using the built-in function of WordPress. Simply go to Settings > Discussion and check the box called “Automatically close comments on articles older than days” and then enter the specific number of days and hit the save changes button. For more information see below image.

turn of comments wordpress

Override Comment Deadline on Specific Posts In WordPress

When you disable the comments on your older posts, Now its time to open a comments for specific posts, to do this first of all install and activate the Override Comment Deadline plugin from WordPress plugin directory. After the installation of the plugin you don’t need to configure it. Just go to Posts > All Posts and edit your older post where you want to keep comments on. After loading the page scroll down and you will see a new meta box called Override Comment Deadline is appears. Check the box and hit the update button to save the changes.

Override Comment Deadline plugin

After enabling the comments on old post simply confirm it by visiting the post URL. Now do the same thing with those posts, where you want to enable blog comments. This is best way to reduce spamming and keeping the discussion alive on specific posts and pages.



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