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Create Complete WordPress Backup with BackWPup

If you are a webmaster then you can understand the importance of backups. A good webmaster always keep the backups of their all contents. Backups secure our contents from hackers, server failure and from other accidents. A good webmaster never want to loose year’s of work, because he works day and night to generate quality contents. You should make regular backups of your site. In order save your work.

making WordPress backups manually is difficult and a time consuming process but in WordPress plugins directory several plugins are available, which can make a complete automatic backup of WordPress installation including the database. Not only that, you can also store your backups on the cloud (Dropbox, Amazon S3), and schedule to do this automatically. So today we will trying to show you how to make a back with free WordPress plugin called BackWPup.

Create WordPress Backup via BackupWPup

First of all download and install the BackWPup plugin. After the activation the menu of backupwp-menu-setting11-194x300BackupWPup will start showing in the admin sidebar.

Add New Job > General

From the menu of BackWPup Click on Add New Job to make a backup for your WordPress blog. In general tab enter the name for your backup, Now in Job Task section, choose what type of contents you want to include in your backup. By default it only includes your Database, Files and plugin list in your site backup but you can also include the WordPress XML export, check database tables option in your backup.

Backup File Creation

This option allow you to choose archive format of your backup. By default this plugin make a backup in Tar GZip format and it is better for you because it will reduce the size of your backup. However you can choose other formats like zip archive or tar if you want.

Job (Backup) Destination

In Job Destination section various options are available. Select the destination where you want to store your backup. This Plugin support the almost all famous cloud storage sites like dropbox, amazon S3, Windows Azure, Rackspace, Sugarsync, send it via email, backup to FTP or you can also store your backup file on the server but in this article we use the dropbox for backup process. Check the backup to Dropbox in job destination section and hit the save changes button and you will see that the another tab called To: Dropbox is added in the screen.


Make Automatic Backup Via Schedule (BackupWPup Plugin)

After the configuration of General tab, Navigate to the Schedule tab and choose how many times you want to make a backup of your site. You can schedule the backup in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis by selecting the WordPress Cron option. If you don’t want to run automated backup then you select the run backup manually option. Leave the CLI and make a backup with link option because those options are for advance users.


Make Database Backup

After the setting of Scheduling backup, now we arrived to the DB Backup menu, In this menu check all the database tables and gve the name of your database backup. Finally select the file compression method. You are allowed to download database in .sql or Gzip format. We recommended you to download in Gzip format because it will reduce the database. After the setting of this menu hit the save changes button.


Select the Directory Folders to Include in Backup

Now we are going to setup the files menu in our job. This plugin allow you to backup entire root folder of your website including core files your wp content folder Plugins, Themes and other files. Our recommendation is that only backup your upload and plugin folder, exclude all others folders and hit the save changes button. Leave the Plugins menu as default.


Authenticate and Save WordPress Backup to Dropbox

As you can see in image below our site is not connect with the dropbox. To connect with Dropbox click on Reauthenticate (full Dropbox) button.


After clicking on the button Dropbox will ask you to give him permission to access your files or folder in Dropbox.


After the successful Authentication with drop box. Go to the BackWPup > Jobs page.  Here you can find all your jobs, Now click on run now to start the backup process.


When you hit the run now button. it will start the backup process. After finishing the backup job, you can see the site backup on your Dropbox account. If backup job goes fails, You can restart him any time or read a abort reason in log file.


We hope this article will help you to make backup in WordPress. If you have a better solution than this one please let us know by commenting below.



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