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Control Your Android Smartphone From Computer

There are tons of apps are available in play Store to control your Smartphone from your PC, but Mobizen is the best app for this purpose.You can completely mirror your phone on your PC over WiFi, USB or mobile data and it allows you to send and receive text messages or continue using Whatsapp remotely, also see your notifications and mirror anything you can do on your device.But i advice you to connect your phone via USB cable because it much faster than WiFi and there can be a lag if you use WiFi.

Control Your Android Smartphone From Computer:

Control Your Android Smartphone From Computer


  • An Android phone which you want to control from your computer.Your device should have installed Mobizen app.Download Mobizen Android App app from here.
  • A Windows PC which would be used to control your Android smartphone from computer.You need to install Mobizen Client app on your computer too.You can download Mobizen Client app from here.
  • You need to enable USB debugging in order to mirror your phone to your PC.But first you need to enable developer options you can do so by going to device settings -> about phone.Now scroll down and tap Build Number several times until you see a message “You’re now a developer”.Now go back and there you’ll see a new option called developer options.Tap it and tick on USB debugging.

Step 1:

After downloading Mobizen on Android as well as on PC and also enabling developer options, open Mobizen on your phone and create an account with email address.

Step 2:

Now connect your Android phone to your PC and enable USB debugging.After that launch mobizen on your computer and sign in with your account that we created in first step.Keep your phone connected to your computer.

Step 3:

After logging in, you’ll see six digit code that you have to enter into your device.Open Mobizen app on your phone, click on 2-Step Verification, enter the code and finally click on connect button.Now you can control your Android smartphone from computer inside Mobizen client.

If you’re facing any problem just comment below 🙂



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