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How to Clean or Delete Unused Images from WordPress Site

WordPress is a complete solution for webmasters that’s why it is a biggest blogging platform in the world. It gives a complete control on all management tools. Few days ago, one of my friend ask me to delete unused images from WordPress site. I do some research about this topic and finally i found some helpful plugins to clean or delete unused images from WordPress Site. After helping him i decided to write an article to cleanup unused images from WordPress site. Usually when we upload images on our site.

WordPress convert them to different pixels like 250250, 500300 and some other sizes. The problem starts from here because when we upload a picture in the post, other cropping images become unnecessary in the server, which should be remove from the site’s server to save disk space.

We can also delete unused images by doing a manual work but it takes to much time specially if you have a big media library.To save our time we will cleanup unused images in seconds by using a plugin. Just follow bellow simple steps to delete all unused images from WordPress site.

Here we are sharing a video clip for reader’s help. If you don’t like to watch, so keep reading the article to learn about WordPress delete unattached images.

Install Cleanup Images Plugin For WordPress

Cleanup Images Plugin is a WordPress plugin. This plugin allow you to remove/delete unused images from your WordPress media library. Use this plugin today and save precious disk space by removing unused images from your site.

First of all download Cleanup images plugin from WordPress plugin directory.  After installing and activating the plugin simply go to Settings >> Cleanup Images, and you will the screen like this.

 Deleting Unused Images From WordPresscleanup unused images wordpress

Now you need to scan your WordPress server directory for unused images. Just press “Scan for Unused images in Media Library” button to start scanning process.

Remember: before Deleting the Images make a complete backup of your WordPress Site. It helps you to recover your site, If any shit happened…..

cleaning media library from unused imagesAfter scanning the media library plugin will show you how many unused images are available in your server. It also show you images with each link when you hover on it. Now scroll down and on the end of the page it will ask you delete all unused parent images or all unused child images. Check mark your option and hit “Delete Images” button to clean up your WordPress Media Library from unsed/garbage.

deleting images from wordpress

We hope this article help you to remove unused images from WordPress site. If you still facing any issue regarding this topic. Let us know by leaving a comment below. We’ll Happy to Assist you.



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