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How to Allow Users to Moderate Comments in WordPress

Comment moderation is the best way to save precious time by giving the responsibility to other trusted users. If you have large WordPress site and have a thousands of daily visitors. Then you can understand how much admin feel the pain while moderating the Comments. That’s why big website owners …

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How to Block Spam Comments in WordPress using BotBlocker

In our previous articles we talked briefly about spam comments. We share with you different ways to block spam comments. We talked about Akismet, reCaptcha even we try to stop spam comments by removing URL field from comments. Above methods are best for antispam Protection. Some famous blogs force the users to …

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Open External Links in New Window in WordPress

It is quite useful to open external links in new window or tab. By doing this you can allows readers to go and search content you recommend without leaving your site. Whenever author add a link in a post they have a option to open that link in separate window …

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How to Make Auto Nofollow All External Links in WordPress

Matt Cutts who is head of Google’s webspam team said that unnecessary external links can down and hurt your pagerank. He also said Google’s search algorithms are become more advance and ready to punish those folks who are using black SEO techniques. So it is better for you to avoid bad things …

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Add NoFollow Checkbox in WordPress Insert Link Section

Nofollow and Dofollow links play most important role in any site ranking. So always take care when adding an external link in your WordPress posts. By default you can easily open any site in new tab/window by checking a box but WordPress does not have another checkbox to add rel=”nofollow” …

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