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Block Spam Comments using CAPTCHA in WordPress

Spam comments are very serious issue in WordPress. Big or small all type of blogs are facing this Problem. However, There are may ways are available to stop spam comments in WordPress. You can block spam comments using Akismet, honeypot or by Removing the URL field from WordPress comment form is also …

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Remove Website URL Field from WordPress Comments

Sometimes, it’s better to remove URL field from WordPress comments form to reduce spamming in your blog. Usually spammers use automated bots to generate spam comments. You can block spam comments using Akismet, Captcha, botblocker or through other WordPress plugins. What if, after blocking the bots peoples start doing the spamming?. The truth is that …

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Receive email If Someone Reply to My Comment

Comments is the best way to communicate with each other. Every blog owner give the option to their readers. By commenting on the articles blog readers share their thoughts with the community. No doubt that subscribe to comments via email is best and effective way to learn and share your views …

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How to Add Google Translate Option in WordPress

Internet change our earth in to the global village. Peoples speak different languages in the different parts of world. According to the WikiPedia and other resources, Peoples speak 7000 different languages around the world. It is true that on internet large number of audience can read and write the english …

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