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Warid Call Packages

Glow Raat Din Offer

Glow Raat Din Offer is another exciting package offered by a warid telecom. This offer name is too similar with Djuice Din Raat Offer. By subscribing the Raat Din Offer warid customers can select their 10 FNF numbers and make very affordable calls on all day with din raat offer. Glow customers can …

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Subscribe Glow 2.0 Package

Glow 2.0 is a stunning offer comes up from warid telecom. By subscribing the 2.0 warid customers can add up to 10 closest numbers to their (friends and family) FNF list. Glow customers can talk and share their feelings with 10 closest FNF list so always stay connected. How to Activate …

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Subscribe Glow 1.0 Package

Glow 1.0 is an exciting package comes up from warid telecom. Always stay in touch with FNF Friends and family members and make a party with a bang. Enjoy special calling rates on weekdays and weekends with glow 1.0 package. Make very cheap calls 0.49 per 30 second on peak …

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Glow Dosti Unlimited Offer

Glow Dosti Unlimited Offer comes up from warid LTE. Grow up and become limitless with exciting Glow offers. Glow Dosti Unlimited Offer is giving real freedom to their users now Glow subscribers can choose their favourite 10 on-net FNF numbers and can make free unlimited calls without any extra charges. …

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Glow Dosti Package

Glow Dosti Package is yet another offer comes up from warid telecom. Now glow dosti package subscribers can add more than 5 FNF numbers as well as other network FNF numbers too. Enjoy special rates of call and SMS for friends and family members without any limitation no matter either they …

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