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Bitcoin Cross the limit of 4000 Dollar

bitcoin cross 4000 dollar
bitcoin cross 4000 dollar

Virtual currency bitcoin recently faced Hard Fork problem because its block chain touches his limits and transactions took so long to complete, because of this problem a new currency created from this virtual currency and they named it ‘BitCoin Cash‘.

Peoples was expecting the massive fall in bitcoin rate but bitcoin rate increased dramatically and cross the limit of 4526$ at the time of writing this post. On internet there are lots of virtual currencies are available each one has his own rate and bitcoin is on the top. If we see a rate of last year bitcoin rate was 443$ now you can understand that how rapidly bitcoin rate is going up and touching his new heights.

Experts also consider bitcoin as digital gold. Unlike other currencies bitcoin is free from any government control and can be use easily and freely. Currently various countries such as China, America, Canada are using this virtual currency for their own purpose.

Everyone who has internet access can easily buy and sell bitcoin. In order to buy or sell bitcoin, user must have to create his/her bitcoin account this task can be easily done through bitcoin application which is available for free we can also create bitcoin wallet through various websites but experts said that online wallet through website is not fully secure if website got hacked users can may lost their bitcoins from their account so they always recommend and prefer bitcoin application wallet as first choice.

Bitcoin purchase process is very easy everyone who has his/her credit card or bank account can easily purchase bitcoin online. However, some people sell bitcoin locally we can buy it by meeting them face to face its also a safe way to purchase from them.

100 of sites including Microsoft, blog hosting giant WordPress, gaming sites zynga, online stores like reddit accept bitcoin as payment method.

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