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Best Free Dropbox Plugins for WordPress

Dropbox is one of the most well-known company, which provide free cloud storage to their free and premium users. By using the free cloud storage users can save WordPress back-ups, media files, and other important stuff. Your data will save forever no matter where you are and what system you are using. There are many useful WordPress plug-ins aree available that allow you to save your WordPress blog to your Dropbox account. In this article, we will share some hand-picked best Dropbox plug-ins for WordPress.


backupbuddyBackupBuddy WordPress plugin helps you to back-up your complete website to Dropbox account. BackupBuddy plugin consider as a one of the most effective and efficient plugin to backup and restore WordPress website. It comes with the capability to instantly make back-ups on a given routine and preserve them to any location you want such as your Dropbox consideration. Once you have linked it to your Dropbox consideration, you don’t have to do it again and the plug-in will keep preserving your back-ups to Dropbox. See our information on how to keep your WordPress content secure with BackupBuddy.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

wordpress-backup-to-dropbox-800x258Saving back-ups to reasoning storage space is really essential for many WordPress customers. This is why we have another nice plug-in called WordPress Backup to Dropbox. It helps you to save all your press and data source to Dropbox storage space. You can also routine the plug-in to instantly back-up your website on predetermined configurations. There are also some top quality add-ons available to improve performance of the plug-in.

BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin

backwpup-800x258good 100 % free alternative is BackWPup, which also makes a complete back-up of your WordPress website and can be stored to your Dropbox consideration. You can routine back-ups, based on how often you upgrade your website. BackWPup manages preserving them in your Dropbox reasoning storage space.

WP Dropbox Dropins

dropinsWP Dropbox Dropins gives your customers the capability to preserve information straight from your website to their Dropbox consideration, and also allows customers to straight publish information from their Dropbox consideration into your website. This plugin works when you make a Drop-in app on the Dropbox website and generate a key.

Dropbox Picture Sideloader

dropboxsideAdding pictures from Dropbox in WordPress uploader Dropbox to Sideloader is a simple plug-in which allows you to place pictures from your Dropbox consideration using the WordPress press uploader. This indicates into the sidebar of press uploader interface where you need to link your Dropbox consideration by developing an app and using the app key and key. This plug-in is ideal for discussing personal images and information from your Dropbox consideration on a WordPress website.



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