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How to Allow Guest Posts in WordPress

The trend of guest post is increasing day by day Let me know, you ever seeen that some sites offer to their users to write articles for their site? Do you allow readers to write articles for your site? In this tutorial, i am trying to show you how can your visitors submit their posts to your site.

Before i start the tutorial maybe you think that why some one Post their quality contents on your blog? the answer is that guest posting is free and best way to build backlinks for your site. you can write quality contents for other sites and they will paid you with a do-follow back-link. It’s the best strategy to improve your ranking in search engines. With this method every blogger can get natural links to their blog without pay a singal penny.By default wordpress has a lot of options one of them is user roles. we can easily define user roles like subcriber, contributor, author, editor and administrator in wordpress.

Allow Guest Posting Through Two Ways

1: Multi Author                                                               2: Guest Plugins

Multi Author

WordPress gives us a power to manage user roles. so we can easily run a multi author wordpress site. your Readers can register on your site and create a contents through admin area. to enable this option go to Setting > General and Check any one can register and in second row select author as default role. don’t worry author cannot edit or delete older post and pages it can only create a new posts.

Now go to widgets tab and add meta widget in your site through this tab users can register and login to your site.

Allow Guest Posts Through WP Plugins

Some webmasters don’t like to give access to their users to WordPress admin area. In this situation, we can use WordPress plugins which we can use to allow users to submit their posts directly from the front-end of your website. for this purpose many plugins are availabe here are 2 useful plugins.

1:User Submitted Posts                2: Guest Posts

User Submitted Posts

Go to plugins tab search and install User Submitted Posts plugin. activate the plugin now go to Settings » User Submitted Posts 4 his setup.

On User Submitted Settings page add or remove options in your style. it’s depend on you what type of options you want to show on submission form.choose a form style i selected HTML5 form + styles, if you want to allow image uploads then check include java script option.

you can easily assign categories for guest post. you can easily define the default author for all user guest posts. we recommended you to create another author account 4 this purpose.You can also allow the image uploads and increase or decrease the number of uploaded images.

To display the form in your website, create new post or page and give him a tiltle “Write for Us” or any thing else and in the body section type a following shortcode and hit the publish button.

Here you can see a example.

Guest Posts

Guest Posts is another awesome plugin which allow users and readers to write article on your site. through this plugin site owner can offer their readers to write content for their site without any registeration. Guest Posts plugin is very easy and simple even a baby can use it. it creates a form in front-end of your site. where users can write and submit their articles to you. when your reader submit the article it directly save in to draft folder admin can check it any time & after the verification you can publish it immidiately.

Installing and Activaing the Guest Post Plugin

follow these simple steps:

  1. Login o WordPress admin area Go to Plugins <  Add New > Search guest posts.

2: Install and activate the plugin.

  1. After the activation, create a new page or post give him the tiltle “guest post” or something else.

  2. Insert the following code in that page and hit publish button.


p style=”text-align: center;”>[guest-posts]

Here you can see a example of Guest Post Plugin.




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