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How to Add User Password Generator in WordPress

Password play most important role in any website specially if you are running your own website like WordPress. According to the survey report millions of user are still using the easy to guess password like 1234567, god1234. Hackers and crackers try to login to your site through brute force attack or by running the other scripts and the weak password can give them the breakthrough.

So as an administrators you should force the users to keep strong password. In this article we will trying to show you how to add a password generator option in WordPress through plugin. The simple password generator plugin help users to create a strong password easily and quickly. User can generate a secure password when creating or updating new users.

Create Strong Password Through Simple User Password Generator Plugin

Simple User Password Generator plugin is easy in use and give the ability to manage the users. It has simple user friendly interface with no setting page. Just install and enjoy the plug and play plugin. This plugin also allow you to encourage users to change their password after logging in to WordPress dashboard.

First of all go to the WordPress plugins directory download and install Simple User Password Generator plugin. After the activation of the plugin, Go to Users > Add New and you will see that this plugin automatically adds a “Generate Password” button on the page.


Fill the new user form and click on the password generator button to create a password for the new user and finally check the “Send this password to the new user by email” and hit the Add new user button. We hope this article helped you to add password generator box in WordPress. If you still have any problem any issue tell us. We’ll happy to assist you.



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