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How to Add Tabbed Content in WordPress Posts

You can save your lots of space and lots of information in Tabbed Content.Tabbed content allows your users to read information with ease.Here we will Add Tabbed Content in WordPress Posts with a plugin.So in this article i’ll show you How to Add Tabbed Content in WordPress Posts.

How to Add Tabbed Content in WordPress Posts:

How to Add Tabbed Content in WordPress Posts

First of all install download and activate Tabs Shortcode and Widget.This plugin is very easy to use and there is no setting to configure, beautiful interface.You can add it to anywhere, no coding required for this plugin.Align your tabs horizontally or vertically.You can set custom css for every tab.

Add Tabbed Content in WordPress Posts:

Create a new post, on post edit page, you’ll see a new short code button.When you click on that button a menu will appear.

How to Add Tabbed Content in WordPress Posts


Now click on Tabs Layout link and OTW Tabs form will appear.

Tabs Layout interface

The first option is to choose that how many tabs you want to display.You can also change the style of tabs.You can choose horizontal design and vertical design for tabbed contents.So after choosing the design, provide title, icon url and tab content in Tabs Layout form.

You can see your tabs preview in right side while editing.After completing Tabs Layout form, click on insert button to add tabs in wordpress posts.

Adding a Tabbed Widget in WordPress:

This plugin also allows you to add tabbed content in widgets.To Add a Tabbed Widget in WordPress, just go to Appearance -> Widgets, drag OTW Shortcode and drop to a sidebar.



In OTW Shortcode widget settings, click on add button.After that Tabs Layout form will appear that i showed you earlier.Create tabs using Tabs Layout form and add it to widget.After that click on save button to save the changes that you have made.

Now visit your website to see tabbed content.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.This tutorial will surely help you to Add Tabbed Content in WordPress Posts.

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