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How to Add Pay With a Tweet Button in WordPress

Everyone loves to download freebies. It is also a good way to to increase user engagment in your site. On internet many sites are available which allow their users to download the freebie with paying a tweet. If you are offering a free downloads on your blog then you can easily add a pay with a tweet function in your blog. Whenever your readers want to download your freebies, they need to make a tweet for you in their twitter profile in order to download a freebie. So In this post, we’ll trying to show you how to implement tweet pay button in WordPress site.

Installing Pay with a Tweet Plugin

First of all download and install Pay With a Tweet plugin in your site. After the activation of plugin simply go to the menu to setup plugin. On setting page you can see that To use  plugin you need to enter a consumer key and secret key on the setting page. If you don’t have a key then you can easily create it by visiting the twitter’s Developers page.

Creating a Twitter App For Plugin

First of all go to Twitter Developers Page to create a consumer and secret key for your plugin. Now Sign in to the twitter with your username and password, and click on your account name and select My Application from the drop down menu. For more information see below image.


On next page you need to fill a form to create a app. Simply give a name and description to your app. Give your blog URL in 3rd field. In 4th field enter callback URL, you can confirm call back URL in Pay with a Tweet plugin’s settings page. After entering the information hit Create your Twitter application button.



At last Twitter will redirect you on your newly created app dashboard. Now change the app permission to read and write and press save setting button. After making a changes press Test OAuth button to see consumer key and consumer secret keys. Now you need to enter those keys in setting page.

Example for Adding a Download

After successfully adding a keys simply go to Pay with a Tweet > Upload Files and select files from the computer you want to upload peoples will able to download the freebie after making a tweet for you. You can edit or delete all your files on Manage Files page.


creating payment button

Create Pay With a Tweet Button

Now go toy Pay with a Tweet > New Payment Button and enter a title, write a tweet and give a image for your download then select your file you want to attach and hit create payment button.



Adding Tweet Payment Button in WordPress Post

You can handle all your created buttons on Pay with a Tweet > Manage Buttons screen. You can see shortcode with each button you created. Now its time to display a pay with tweet button in WordPress page,post. Just add a shortcode in your posts and after publishing the post people will be able to download your files by paying a tweet to you.



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