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6 Small But Useful Tools Under 2MB

Sometimes we need small tools that can fix our problem like deleting temporary files and folders or reduce memory to increase the speed of your system.So if you are looking to get some small but useful tools then checkout our small but useful tools bundles that are under 2MB.These small tools are easy to use and some of them are portable.it’s mean you can use these tools without installing.All of these tools are freeware.Here i’m also providing you details, picture and download links of 6 small tools.

6 Small But Useful Tools Under 2MB

6 Small But Useful Tools Under 2MB:

1. TempCleaner:


TempCleaner is a small and portable tool that deletes system temporary files and folders.Some programs create temporary files during running.After some time we should delete those temporary files.You can delete those temporary files just by using TempCleaner.You can delete temporary files with TempCleaner easily.Click on below link to download TempCleaner:

Download TempCleaner

2. Explorestart:


Sometimes your system need to restart to take effects.When we install a software we need to restart our computer to run it properly.In these cases Windows explorer service needs to be restart.So we can restart Windows explorer service just by using Explorestart.Explorestart is small and portable tool and under 500kb.It’ll instantly restart Windows Explorer service after opening it.Download it just by clicking on below link:

Download Explorestart

3. Rebuild Icon Cache:


Rebuild Icon Cache

Sometimes Windows shows the program’s icons incorrectly.You can use Rebuild Icon Cache to correct them.Click on below link to download Rebuild Icon Cache.

Download Rebuild Icon Cache

4. Shutdown:

If you have windows 8 installed on your pc and you are having problem to shutdown your computer then use this small but useful tool to shutdown your computer.Use below link to download Shutdown tool:

Download Shutdown Tool

5. Update Time:

Update Time tool can easily update your system time and date.So download it from below link:

Download Update Time Tool

6. Reduce memory:

Reduce memory

Reduce memory tries to reduce the ram and increase your system speed.Download Reduce memory tool and increase the speed of your system.

Download Reduce memory Tool


Final Words:

You can download all of above tools in zip file just by using below link.There are 8 small but useful tools(Including all of above tools) are included in below zip file.8 small tools in zip format provided by Sordum.org.

Click Here To Download 8 Small But Useful Tools



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