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5 Best Free Folder Lock For All Versions Of Windows

We store our personal files and folders on our computers which we do not want to share with anyone.But if your computer has many accounts for your family then anyone can access your personal files.In order to make your files secure download a software from this post.Choose one software from 5 Best Free Folder Lock.In this post i’m going to show you how to secure your files and folders with these 5 Best Free Folder Lock.

There are many softwares available to set password on your files and folders but some of them are paid.So in this post i’m going to show only free folder lock for windows.Here i have 5 Best Free Folder Lock.So use these 5 Best Free Folder Lock to protect files and folders.

5 Best Free Folder Lock For Windows:5 Best Free Folder Lock For Windows

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1. Folder Password Lock

Folder Password Lock is best way to protect your data from unauthorized access.It allows you to set password on your files and folders.Folder Password Lock is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.Use it’s main screen to protect your videos, images and files OR any personal information.Use below link to download the Folder Password Lock.

Download Folder Password Lock

2. Folder Protection

Folder Protection


This is also another way to protect folders and files with password.It protects data from copying and deletion.a “lockdir.exe” file will be added to your folders after installing Folder Protection.Now double click to open it.Download it from below link:

Download Folder Protection

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3. Free Window Sweeper
Free Window Sweeper


Free Window Sweeper protects your files and folders and allows you to delete temporary internet files, cookies and browsing history.Click on the below link to download Free Window Sweeper.

Download Free Window Sweeper

4. Folder Lock Free
Folder Lock Free

Folder Lock Free allows you to protect your personal files and folders.Folder Lock Free compatible with Windows XP,Vista,7 and 8.Drag and drop your files and folders to protect them.

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Download Folder Lock Free

5. Password Folder
password folder


Password Folder is 5th and last software of this post.Drag and drop files in Password Folder to protect them.Password Folder makes your protected files cannot be copied, moved, read, modified or deleted.

Download Password Folder



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