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Zong Eid Offer : Enjoy Double Internet Data Volume

Zong Eid Offer comes up from the Pakistan’s one of the largest telecom operator. Recently zong announce limited time offer for their valued customers. Zong is offering Double Internet offer on this EID, All Postpaid and Prepaid customers can subscribe this offer. This is a limited time offer and can be use between 15th to 30th September.

After activating the Zong Eid Offer customers will get double volume of the subscribed data bundle. for example if anyone activate the 1 GB Monthly Internet Bundle he/she will get the 1 GB extra volume on the subscribe bundle.

How to Activate Zong Eid Offer : Double Internet Data Volume

zong eid offer

Those Zong Subscribers who activate any data volume during the 15th to 30th September will get double data volume. if any zong customer activate the 2GB monthly Data bundle, he will get extra 2GB volume totally free. That means he will get total 4GB volume on monthly bundle.

Prepaid Customers can activate any daily weekly or monthly bundle by dialing the *6464# and Postpaid customers need to dial *7788#. Complete details are listed below.

Data Bundle Type


Data Bundle Name

Data Price

Daily Internet Bundles


Daily Mini bundle (4 MB)

Rs. 4 per day


Daily Basic bundle (10 MB)

Rs.10 per day


Premium bundle (80 MB)

Rs.20 per day

Weekly Bundle


Weekly Premium (700 MB)

Rs. 70 per Week

Monthly Bundles


Monthly Mini (150 MB)

Rs. 50 per month


Monthly Basic (500 MB)

Rs. 150 per month


Monthly Premium (1GB)

Rs. 250 per month


Monthly Premium (2GB)

Rs. 350 per month


Monthly Premium (4GB)

Rs. 650 per month


Monthly Premium (10GB)

Rs. 1,500 per month


Monthly Premium (20GB)

Rs. 2,500 per month


Monthly Premium (30GB)

Rs. 3,500 per month

Bundle Add Ons


Basic Addon

Rs. 10


Premium Addon

Rs. 20

Content Bundles


SocialPack (500 MB)

Rs. 10/DAY


Facebook Daily (50 MB)

Rs. 5/DAY


Whatsapp Daily (30 MB)

Rs. 3/DAY


Twitter Daily (20 MB)

Rs. 2/DAY


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