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Wordfence Security Plugin Guide for WordPress

Wordfence has large number of cloud servers to ensure security of their free and paid customers. Wordfence security plugin is a proper way to secure any wp site. Wordfence gives almost 100% Anti-Virus, Malware and Firewall protection to WordPress users. This wp plugin protect WordPress blog from many possible attacks and ensure wp site security through different ways and also try best to keep away your site from Google’s SEO blacklist. Wordfence helps and notify site admin about hacked WordPress core files. Wordfence also try to protect wp site from brute force attack, which is the most favourite weapon of hackers. It also protect WordPress site by hiding WordPress version, block spam bots and other fake google crawlers.

Wordfence Security Plugin Guide

Here is an overview of Wordfence Security Features.

It scan WordPress Core files in daily basis.
It scan wp site for vulnerabilities like HeartBleed Bug.
It scan wp site for malware to keep your site away from Google blacklist.
It scan whole wp-contents folder for malware, backdoor, trojan and viruses.
It scan internal links of posts and comments for Google’s Safe Browsing List.
It scan site users which are using weak passwords.
It scan DNS Records to prevent unauthorized access.
It scan disk space on daily basis to stop DDos attack.
It checks out dated plugins, themes and core files in daily basis and notify site admin if specific update is available.

Wordfence Brute Force Protection

Wordfence try to protect wp sites from brute force attack and immediately ban users after specific numbers of failed login attempts + have ability to ban invalid usernames.

Wordfence Firewall Protection

Wordfence Firewall Service scan WordPress site every minute and immediately block fake spiders and Google crawlers.
Firewall Block those user agent/bots who try to generate 404 page not found errors too quickly

Wordfence Plugin Setting Overview

Basic Options

After installing the plugin simply go to Wordfence > Options from the side bar to setup plugin according to your needs. First option you will find in options menu is Basic Settings, where you can setup firewall, login security, live traffic view and other premium options.

Advanced Options

On Advanced section you will found a “Alerts” menu. This menu notify you by email whenever suspicious activity is detected in your site. Its on you what type of alerts you want to receive through email…

Live Traffic View

On this option you can enter specific username, IP addresses, Browser user-agent that you don’t want to track.

Scans to include

On this section check all the options to ensure security of WordPress site. This option scan your site for HeartBleed, repository versions of core, themes, plugin and other known malicious files for daily basis.

Firewall Rules

Firewall section allow you to configure different rules for humans and bots. You can make rules for humans and bots and whenever they broke your rules you can “block” or “throttle” them. If you have no idea about this section then we recommended you to leave it as default.

Login Security Options

On this section you can setup different things for example Enforcing a strong password for admin, Locking out after specific login failures, locking out after invalid usernames and other features.

Other Security Options

This last security section of wordfence allow you to remove WordPress, themes and plugins versions to protect your site. Just check all the options to complete Wordfence security settings.



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