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How to speed up Google Chrome

Several people are using Google Chrome browser but some times it gets slow.But some people says that Google Chrome is very fast browser so after reading this post you’ll believe that google chrome is fastest browser.there are many plugins and extension which makes your browsing slow.

Have you ever noticed Google Chrome works very fast than other browsers.Some useful Google Chrome extension also makes your browser slow.But you need not worry about that because i have a trick which will make your Google Chrome browser fast than usual.Below are the some nice and useful tricks to make you google chrome faster than usual.

4 ways to speed up Google Chrome:How to speed up Google Chrome

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1.Disable extension:

This is most important step to speed up Google Chrome because some extensions are not in use.To work faster you must have few selected extension installed.Unwanted or too much extension can slow down your browsing speed.Follow the below steps to remove unwanted extension:

Step 1:

Just go to chrome://extensions/.

Step 2:

Now uncheck those extension which are not needed or delete the extensions which are not needed in the future.

Step 3:

After deleting those extensions you’ll surely see some improvements in your browsing pace.

2.Disable plugins:

Plugins are generally a third party applications which are required to improve the speed and efficiency of your browser.But some plugins needs to be removed in order to speed up Google Chrome.If you want to speed up Google Chrome you required to disable some unwanted or unused plugins.

Step 1:

Just go to chrome://plugins/.

Step 2:

Now disable those plugins which are not needed in the future to speed up Google Chrome.

Note: Be careful while Removing unused or unwanted plugins because there are many plugins which are responsible for the efficiency of your web browser.

3.Clear your Browser’s cache:

As you know when you visit a website chrome automatically collects cached, cookies and other browsing data.So when you visit that site again it will take less time to load.

Cached and all other browsing data helps to speed up Google Chrome but sometimes they are responsible for reducing your browser speed.so clear your browser’s cache to speed up Google Chrome.

Step 1:

Just go to chrome://history/.

Step 2:

Now click on clear browsing data button and choose time range and other features.Now just click on Clear browsing data button.

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