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How to show Estimated Post Reading Time in WordPress

No matter how long your article is, by displaying the Estimated Post Reading Time you can encourage the visitors to read complete article on your site. This feature is more beneficial when article is too long and displaying the estimated time visitor can know how much time he will take to read the article. However we found many sites which display the reading time. In WordPress we can also add this feature very easily. So In this article, we will trying to show you how to display estimated post reading time in WordPress.
First of all download,install Reading Time plugin from WordPress plugin directory. After the activation new menu of this plugin will appear in setting tab. Now simply go to Settings > Reading Time to configure this plugin.

Estimated post reading time-plugin-setting1

On the setting page of plugin you will found many options. On the first field you can setup the text that you want to show on the post article. Change the text if you need otherwise leave it as default. On the second field enter words reading speed per minute. Usually rate of 200 – 350 words per minute is average reading speed by readers. Now select a progress bar color and position in the article. You can also show estimated Post Reading Time in minute instead of seconds. Here is a sample of progress bar.


We hope you’ll like this article, If you have a better way than this one let us know by commenting below.

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