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Kaha tha na

Kaha tha na
Hamare darmiyan yeh faaslay qismat mein likhey hain..
0r is Qismat k likhey ko..
badal tum bhi nahi saktin..
badal main bhi nahi sakta.

Kaha tha na.

One Day I will leave the world

One Day I will leave the world and never come back.
You will cry when you will see my number.
You will miss me when you sit alone ,
won’t be able to hear my laugh and voice ever again.
There will be no more ME to irritate, tease, make you laugh and say sorry stupidly.
Tears might flow out of eyes
but i will be gone long and forever.
So Enjoy My silly stupid Company as much
Before i close my eyes forever…!!!

One Day, frown emoticon I will leave the world and never come back

Kab Taq Bhugton Mai Ab Saza Teri

Kab Taq Bhugton Mai Ab Saza Teri

Ayy Ishq Ghalti Ho Gai Abb Maaf Kar Mujhy

Kab Taq Bhugton Mai Abb Saza Teri

Mana K Majboori Thi

Mana K Majboori Thi,
Faasla Bohat Thaa… Bohat Doori Thi,
Kabhi Sochti Hoon Bewafa Hain Woh,
Kabhi Sochti Hoon Meri Lakeeren He Adhoori Thin

Mana K Majboori Thi,

Woh Muje Bhula Na Saka

Laakh Chaha Mager Woh Muje Bhula Na Saka
Merey Khayaal Woh Dil Se Kabhi Mita Naa Saka,
Mujh se Woh door Bohat door ho Gaya Tha Mager
Apni Ankhoon Sey Merey Chehray ko Hata Naa Saka,
Mujh sey Woh Doori Barhana Chahata Tha
Par Kabhi Woh Mujh se Door Jaa Naa Saka,
Kitnay Shikway hain uss ke Dil May Mere Liye
Chah Kar Bhe Kabhi Woh Mujhe Bata Naa Saka,
Anjaan Rakhna Chahata Thaa Mujhe Apni Chahat Sey
Haal-e-Dil Mujh se Per Chupaa Naa Saka..

Lakh Chaha Magar Wo Muje Bhula