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How to Make Remember Me Box Always Checked in WordPress

Its very irritate when we try to login WordPress admin area and suddenly login page appears because of we forget to check the “remember me” check box. Remember me option is so useful If you have your own PC because you don’t need to enter a password again and again. Many times we enter the password and forget to check the box so when we exit the browser and come back after the short time WordPress will again require a password to proceed the admin panel.By checking the remember me check box. It will remember you and extend the cookie expiry time more than 14 days and without checking the box it will keep you login only for todays.

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In this article, We will trying to explain you how to always check the “remember me” checkbox in WordPress. You can do this job through two ways.

  1. Add a code in Function.php file
  2. Install “Always Remember Me” Plugin

Check Remember Me Box Through “functions.php” File

To add this option without using the plugin. Just go to Appearance > Editor and open functions.php file and add the below code. Remember don’t add the code in the center of any function and make a backup of this file before the editing.

add_filter( ‘login_footer’, ‘always_checked_rememberme’ );
function always_checked_rememberme() {
echo “<script>document.getElementById(‘rememberme’).checked = true;</script>”;

Check Always Remember Me Box Through Plugin

First of all download, install and activate the plugin. There is no need to setup this plugin. This plugin is auto configured just like plug and play. This function is only useful for you if you have your own PC. Public computers and networks can create a problems for you and you need to uncheck the box before logging in.

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We hope you’ll like this article, What your views about this plugin let us know by giving the comments below. Your Feedback is precious for us.



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