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How to insert Header And Footer Code In WordPress

It is true that we insert scripts several times into the theme’s header and footer files. If you are a web developer then it is so easy for you to insert a code/script in any area of your theme but those folks who are new in WordPress face difficulties about adding the Google, alexa verification script and other things to their blog because one wrong move can damage their whole site. However Premium WordPress themes like Genesis have a built-in option to quickly insert header and footer code to WordPress themes files but those beginners who cannot afford such type of themes face issues to add a code in their site.

Insert Header and Footer Code Through Two Ways

There are two ways available which you can use to insert header and footer code on your site.

  1. Add a code through manual work
  2. Add code through a plugin

Adding a Code Through Manual Work

To insert header and footer code manually first of all login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Now navigate to Appearance > Themes > Editor and search header or footer file and then add a code in it. Remember don’t paste the code between any function otherwise your site can be break and don’t forget to make a backup before editing header or footer file.

Insert Header And Footer Code Through a plugin

insert Header And Footer Code


Headers and Footers have a very easy and simple interface. Which you can use to insert Google Analytics, Alexa verification and other scripts to your WordPress site without making your hands dirty in coding. This plugin allow you to add multiple scripts at onces. There is no need to use bunch of plugins. Just install and activate Header and Footer plugin and say good bye to unnaccesery plugins. we hope you found this article helpful. What type of plugin you are using on your blog tell us by leaving a comment below.

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