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How to Change Password in WordPress

There are many ways available which you can use to reset your password in WordPress. For example you can rest your password from the login page, FTP or through phpMyAdmin. You can also use the script called Emergency Password Reset Script to reset your password. The all above methods are about resting password not about the changing password. So In this article, we will trying to show you how to change password in WordPress.

First of all enter your site address in the browser http://mysite.com/login.php/. Fill your username and password and login to WordPress Dashboard.Change Password

After logging to WordPress Dashboard, go to USERS tab and select a username in the list to edit. In the Edit User screen, scroll down to New Password section. Enter your new password twice. For a strong password you should choose your password more than 10 characters long including upper case letters, lower case letters and symbols. The box will tell you about your password strength.


When you choose a new password for your profile simply hit the Update Profile button to save the changes. We hope you like this article about to change password in WordPress, If you are facing the problem regarding this issue. Let us know, we’ll happy to assist you. Happy WordPressing!!!!!



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