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How to Allow Users to Moderate Comments in WordPress

Comment moderation is the best way to save precious time by giving the responsibility to other trusted users. If you have large WordPress site and have a thousands of daily visitors. Then you can understand how much admin feel the pain while moderating the Comments. That’s why big website owners use 3rd party commenting apps like Disqus and Facebook on their website. Disqus and other famous apps allow you to add several users as your comment moderators. By using those apps you can reduce your work pressure and can give the responsibility to others to moderate comments in WordPress. However you can add moderation function in WordPress without using the 3rd party services. In this article, we’ll trying to show you how to allow users to moderate comments in WordPress.

First of all download and install Moderator Role plugin in your WordPress site. This plugin is so easy in use and don’t have a setting page. You can add a real comments moderator Role to your powerful WordPress Blog.


You can assign comments moderate role to old users or can make a new account for this purpose. If you want to assign a moderator role to new user simply go to Users > Add New. Fill information about new user like name, email etc and then select a user role as moderator check the box “Send this password to the new user by email” and hit add new user button. For more information see below image.

Moderate Comments

This easy method allow you to add new moderator in WordPress site. New user have a limited access and only can moderate a comments or can edit his/her profile information. We hope you’ll like this article to add comment moderator role in WordPress site. If you have a better solution than this one. Let us know by commenting below.

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