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Remove Website URL Field from WordPress Comments

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Sometimes, it’s better to remove URL field from WordPress comments form to reduce spamming in your blog. Usually spammers use automated bots to generate spam comments. You can block spam comments using Akismet, Captchabotblocker or through other WordPress plugins. What if, after blocking the bots peoples start doing the spamming?. The truth is that some peoples make comments to other blogs to make a backlink or want to drive traffic to their website. So in today’s article we’ll trying to show you how to remove website URL field from WordPress Comments.

Why You Should Remove URL Field From Comments

By default in WordPress to post a comment user must have to enter his/her Name, Email and Website URL in order to submit their comment. After approving the comment from moderator WordPress automatically link the website URL with the name of commentator. Problem started, when people or their bots start using the name as targeted keyword and when WordPress link the website URL with the Name it becomes the back link which is so useful for seo. It is true that all links consider as nofollow but Alexa give them importance.

Remove Website URL Field Through Two Ways

By removing the URL field from WordPress Form you can reduce the spam comments. After removing the URL field from the comment form. You’ll realize that spamming attack on your blog is decreasing day by day. Here are two ways available which you can use to remove URL field from WordPress blog.

  1. Remove URL Website Field through WordPress Plugin
  2. Remove URL Website Field through functions.php File

Remove URL Field through WordPress Disable Comment Author Plugin

First of all download, install and activate Disable / Hide Comment URL plugin. There is no need to setup this plugin is auto configured. After the activation this plugin auto remove the URL (website) option from WordPress comment field.

Remove URL Field through Theme’s Functions.php File

You can also remove the URl field through manual work. Simply login to WordPress admin area. Navigate to Appearance > Editor Tab. Now in right side search and open your current theme’s functions.php file And add the below code. Remember don’t add a code between any function and you should make a backup before editing any file.

add_filter(‘comment_form_default_fields’, ‘unset_url_field’);
function unset_url_field($fields){
return $fields;

We hope this article helped you to remove website URL field from WordPress comment form. If you still have any issue please let us know by commenting below.



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